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Here's what some of our satisfied users have to say about Collector Car Nation Classifieds.

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Everytime i trip over something in the garage, i say its racing junk time & $$$$ is a coming!!!!!
Dan Priola

Once again I can report that I have advertised a product on Racing Junk and it has sold in record time. This time it was a unique item and I was concerned it may not create much interest. However within 30 days it was paid for and gone and this was after I had advertised it in a local magazine with zero response. There was only one problem and I want to caution everyone about it. There is a criminal element out there now attempting a scam that gets you to accept an overpayment via a seemingly legitimate certified bank check. They send it quickly and its for much more than the agreed amount, their hope is you will cash the check at your bank, keep a little extra and hand over a refund for the difference when they have one of their cohorts come to pick up the item. The thing is the check is bogus and will bounce. I saw it for what it was and tried to get an address so I could report it to the authorities. The guy was from a third world country (you get the meaning) and he would not give it up. Just everyone be very careful. I reported it to Racing Junk and they are aware of the problem, it however is really beyond their control.
Ernie McFerrin