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Collector Car Nation Classifieds Prices

Collector Car Nation Classifieds is a free service, you may upgrade your ads or your account at anytime to the following prices.

Individual Accounts
Basic Account FREE
Fan Club
$2.95 per Month
Pro Club
$6.95 per Month
$49.95 per year

Business Accounts
If interested in learning about pricing for business accounts, please click here.
Optional Ad Upgrades
1 Photo Gallery (50 Photos) $20.00 (Life of the ad)
Premiere Ad Life of Ad $20.00 (Club Members Only)
  2 Weeks $25 (Basic Members)
  4 Weeks $50 (Basic Members)
  12 Weeks $75 (Basic Members)
Featured Ad $25.00 per week (Pro Club Members) - $30.00 per week (Basic Members)
Premier Search Placement 1 week $35 (Pro Club Members) - $40 (Basic Members)
2 weeks $60 (Pro Club Members) - $70 (Basic Members)
4 weeks $100 (Pro Club Members) - $120 (Basic Members)
Newsletter Ad $25.00 per issue
1 Show a video $10.00 (Life of the ad)

Repost Options
To repost an existing ad for additonal weeks
2 Repost 4 weeks $10.00
2 Repost 8 weeks $20.00
2 Repost 12 weeks $30.00

Automatic Repost Daily $250.00 per month
Automatic Repost Weekly $150.00 per month
Automatic Repost Monthly $100.00 per month

Honor Payment
Honor payments status range from $1 to $500+. For more information please click here ( https://www.collectorcarnation.com/honor_payment )

Value Points
Value points are given with the level of Membership that you purchase. Club Members are given points to spend on upgrades and features. 1 Point = $.01.

1 Free for all Pro Club Members