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How do I get to be a Honor Member?

Honor members are members of the RacingJunk web site that have made 'Honor Payments'. We feel that members that use the web site , following the system, while being honest about their sale by making an honor payment are members that can be trusted. This does not give the buyer the 'green flag' to send cash in an envelope to the seller, you always have to watch yourself and becareful when buying on the internet.

What is an Honor Payment?

After the sale of an item being sold on the RacingJunk.com web site, the member selling the item makes an (optional) payment for selling the item. Typical payment range from $20.00 per ad to 1% of the selling price.

Where do I make an Honor Payment?

There are two main locations for making honor payment on the web site. Located in the 'My Ads' section of the web site are all the ads you have posted. Every ad posted has a link 'Make Honor Payment'. Also on every page on the top of the page and bottom, RacingJunk.com has placed to buttons directing you to the 'Honor Payment' form.

Payments can also be made by calling us toll free 866-326-9227 or 413-663-3384 or by mailing in a check to:

Raceway Media, LLC
106 Main Street
North Adams, MA 01247