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Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale - $319,000

Listed By diamondjracing
Contact (801) 706-2799
Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale
$319,000 Get Financing
Private Seller - diamondjracing
Ogden , UT
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Garage kept 2012 Earth Roamer XV-LTS for sale.

Please read the entire description before asking me any questions. My description is a small novel, so it should answer 99% of the questions you can think of. Please don't bother wasting each others time. If you're serious, you will come look at her, or send the money, so please only make contact if you're serious. I dont mean to be rude, its just that I get a ton of people who call just to BS about this unit, and it ends up taking a lot of time.

Please let me now if you need more pictures. I have a ton of pics but this is all I can post on this website.

Up for sale is my beloved Earth Roamer (ER). This rig is something to behold and is so special to me and my family that we gave her the name of “Silvia”. This is my second Earth Roamer (ER), my first one went by the name of “Penny”. If you can’t tell, I love Earth Roamers. They are Bar none the best produced expedition RV the world over.
We primarily use Silvia for Desert racing in Baja and the South West Deserts, Snowmobiling in the Mountains of the North West, and Hunting… boy to we like to have fun! ER is an extraordinary natural fit for anyone who loves motor-sports, hunting, biking, fishing, back country activities, skiing, snowmobiling and of course Expedition camping. Notice that all these activities are year around.
In searching for an RV years ago I went through 3 different RVs before I finally purchased our very first ER. We had a steep set of criteria and at the time it seemed no RV was able to check all the boxes, that is until I came across the Earth Roamer. We race, sled and hunt enough that I personally called Silvia home for 1/3rd of 2016!
The RV criteria my family we needed was a vehicle cab that can seat 4 people as well as DOT approved seat-belts for baby car seats, 4 wheel drive, ability to Tow over 12,000 lbs, long range/large fuel capacity, ability to wet camp and remain warm in extremely cold temperatures, something that can remain cool in death valley type heat, modest off road capability, we really didn’t want the hassle of propane or the noise of a generator either, and finally a rig that can comfortably go 80 mph on the freeways. There are a lot of expedition RVs that are more capable off-road than the Ford Chassis, such as a Unimog. The problem is that the max speed of a Unimog type chassis is only 60 MPH, and they don’t have a crew cab, nor can they be serviced by any mechanic like a Ford chassis, and they also cost a quarter million dollars for the chassis alone!
This is the deal… when you are driving a 19,000 lb RV, with a 32 ft 12,000 lb snowmobile Trailer in tow (with 5 sleds, fuel and equipment inside), with 4 full grown men, 130 gallons of water, 90 gallons of diesel, going up an 7-8% grade mountain pass, at 60 MPH, with 41 inch tires, in a blizzard and sub-zero temps, with lights that will cut through the thickest of fog, all in comfort… you know you have a special RV, one that is just different, and so capable that ALL other RVs are a disappointment. Not only this but when you do finally get to the trail head with those 5 snowmobiles, in the middle of the night, and it’s a staggering -28 Degrees below Zero, and you don’t have a care in the world because you are nice and cozy in your Earth Roamer, all while the diesel furnace and diesel water heater are hard at work making sure nothing gets to cold and nothing freezes, including your diesel fuel itself. I have been there and done that, and it’s amazing to know that you have a capable machine like an ER at your disposal.
Why I’m selling. I know many of you will ask “well if its so great, why sell it”? The answer is simple. I do still use Silvia often, but we have another little guy on his way, and that will make 5 of us, and we plan to buy something a bit larger, but only until we can afford an Earth Roamer HD!!! So, that’s the story there. My wife is actually very upset I have chosen to sell Silvia.
One other reason is because I know when I have 3 Kids we just wont use Silvia that often. As you know, ER are worth a good deal of money, and for me its kind of hard to let that type of money sit in my shop and collect dust.

This RV has the following options and amenities.
1. 2012 Ford F-550 Lariat crew cab. Completely loaded with all possible 2012 options. 72,000 Miles. (subject to change)
2. Heated Seats.
3. Ken wood sound system with sub-woofer and amazing speaker system.
4. 6.7 Liter Power Stroke Diesel engine.
6. Silver Bullet Turbo upgrade. (Industrial Injection updated system)
7. 13,000 Lb towing capacity.
8. Power everything in the Ford Cab, including telescoping mirrors and steeling column.
9. HAM Radio. (no joke, we have a HAM radio)
10. PCI Kenwood UHF Race Radio.
11. Transfer Flow Fuel tanks with auto pumping station. Silvia has 2 fuel tank, transfer flow system keeps the fuel moving where it needs to go.
12. Front Window Blackout shades.
13. 5 Hutchinson Double Bead Lock rims/wheels.
14. 41 Inch tall Good Year G-275 Commercial/ military grade tires. (Brand new)
15. 4x4 with lockers, an push button high and low range 4-wheel drive.
16. Huge anti-lock disk brakes that will stop anything!
17. Aluminess front and rear bumpers, with lighting, jack, and winch mounts.
18. KC and Baja designs off road lights all over the front bumper and rear bumper.
19. Hi-Jack jack mounted on the front bumper.
20. 18 Ton WARN Winch (with synthetic rope) mounted on front and rear bumpers.
21. Anderson Plug hookups front and hear (Used for large draw items such as jumper cables). Never pop you hood again to jump or get jumped.
22. Oasis 100% duty cycle compressor. Used for air horn, air ride suspension air bags, and on board air compressor.
23. Air Horn. Sounds like a train.
24. Air Ride Suspension. Rides like a Cadillac and has none of that typical RV rattle and shake.
25. Air Leveling System. Camp level where ever you camp.
26. Ride height air ride system. This system can raise the entire RV up to 6 inches from the bottom, all on the fly and is completely programmable to do even more.
27. Air Chuck on rear bumper.
28. 12 Volt plug on rear bumper.
29. 120 Volt 15 AMP plug on rear bumper.
30. LED exterior lights. These lights go all the way around.
31. Automatic retracting and extending cabin door steps.
32. Locking Aluminum outside service doors for the Fuel, DEF, WATER, outside Television hookup, ect.
33. Outside Television. Can be controlled by main remote control, and hooks up to the main entertainment console inside the RV.
34. 2 separate storage compartments on the rear of the RV. These fit a lot of supplies.
35. All Exterior Chassis and Cabin Doors and Storage compartments are tied to the Ford key fob system and lock with the truck. Say goodbye to having to use a different key for every lock, heck say goodbye to keys in general.
36. RV Cabin door tied to the Ford key fob system and lock with the truck.
37. Remote Starting capability from Ford Key Fab.
38. 2 full sets of keys.
39. 15-ton Air Jack. For the unlikely event of a flat tire.
40. Spare tire lift jack and tools.
41. Direct TV Satellite system, can be watched on the go as well.
42. 4 or 5 -300 Watt (Approx.) Solar panels.
43. 4- 255 AMP AGM Life Line batteries. (BRAND NEW, installed 9 months ago)
44. Magnum power inverter.
45. Magnum Solar Power management system.
46. Exterior shower (Hot and cold water).
47. Rhino Lined lower panels.
48. Clear bra in the areas it needs it.
49. 5-gallon Black Water Cassette. This is the best thing since sliced bread.
50. 10-gallon grey water tank. With remote control values.
51. Macerator/disposal in kitchen sink.
52. 130 Gallon water tank!!! This is a special order item from ER. Most ERs only come with 80 gallons of water.
53. Water filters in line with tank.
54. 90 Gallons of Diesel fuel.
55. Rear 8x6 platform that hooks into class 5 hitch. (will include if you want it. It is very heavy, and a pain, but it works great, and can fit 3 dirt bikes on it.)
56. Bullet proof trailer drop hitch (25,000 lb capability).
57. Remote controlled and automatic Roof hatch/sun light/roof access.
58. Yacht style windows and doors that seal up and are double pane and sealed. Nothing like them in any other RV out there.
59. Window blinds and screens roll up and hid away. Really cool designs. Also has aluminum sun block to help keep heat out.
60. Marine Grade Electrical. (Marine Grade has a cost of up to 10 times that of normal RV electrical) This electrical system will spoil you, and all others will seem second rate.
61. Marine Grade Blue Ocean switches and breakers.
62. Remote controlled main breakers. No need to crawl down by the batteries to shut off the batteries.
63. Automatic charging from engine. Never get stranded because your cabin drained the truck batteries.
64. 30 AMP Marine Grade Shore power electrical hook up. (Incoming AMPs can be completely controlled by the Blue Ocean control panel)
65. Earth Roamers 1-piece insulated fiberglass single shell (more explanation on this later).
66. Earth Roamers patented anti cabin twisting system (I don’t know what to call it, but it allows the frame to bend and the cabin to remain rigid).
67. Fiamma Automatic Awning. (awning did break a small piece, but it is still completely operational)
68. 2 Fantastic fans (These are the best things since sliced bread, one in the bathroom and one in the main cabin)
69. 20,000 BTU remote controlled or wall controlled built in air conditioner (This is approx. BTU). This isn’t some roof mount unit, it is engineered to be in an earth roamer.
70. Diesel fired central air furnace (These are the best heaters in the world and incredibly efficient)
71. Diesel fired hot water heater (Heats the water up in 10 minutes)
72. Engine heat exchange (the Ford power stroke can heat the culinary water, and the Diesel water heater can in turn pre-heat the Power Stroke engine, thus allowing incredibly low outside temperatures to have no effect on the engine or diesel)
73. Diesel fired 2 burner stove top.
74. Granite Kitchen Counter-top.
75. Huge deep kitchen sink.
76. Full sized top of the line Moen kitchen faucet.
77. Variable high-pressure water pump.
78. Anti-Freeze variable pump circulation system (for extreme temperatures)
79. Anti-Freeze furnace operation. Furnace pumps hot air into all the areas that have water lines of any type, including the black water area.
80. High density poly blend woven flooring. This flooring is unlike anything you have ever felt or seen. It can’t get dirty and is incredibly robust yet comfortable and nice looking.
81. Wine cabinet with Earth Roamer embossed wine glasses.
82. Earth Roamer embossed plates, glasses, cups, bowls, etc.
83. Earth Roamer plate, glass, cup and utensil storage system. (This storage system is incredible, it allows you to go over rough roads and never worry about your items that could break, and it also makes the cabin quiet when moving).
84. Kitchen sink macerator/disposal (allows food to be chopped up and pumped out when on uneven surfaces, and also allows you to empty grey water with a garden hose.
85. Grey water dump switch in cabin and Ford Cab while on the move if able to.
86. Full sized bathroom with separate shower and rest room. This is a great looking and comfortable bathroom for a small RV. (NOT A WET BATH, this is an actual dry bath, with toilet and shower separation)
87. High quality Marine grade faucets in bathroom and outside.
88. Built in vanity and towel hangers.
89. Built in soap dispensers.
90. Built in Cloth dryer line.
91. Expandable bathroom area can be combined with the main cedar cabinet.
Cabin Storage
a. Wine closet. Holds wine bottles perfectly safe, and also wine glasses.
b. Cedar Closet (this is the main area to keep clothing) that smells so good.
c. 6 large drawers next to wine and cedar closet.
d. Slide out pantry (This changes the whole kitchen storage game)
e. Drawers (6) and sink cabinet under the kitchen counter top and sink.
f. Over the kitchen counter top, overhead storage cabinets (6)
g. Magazine storage next to cabin sitting area.
h. Under bed storage. Bed moves up and out of the way to allow for a lot of storage.
i. Head board bed storage. Allows for huge amounts of storage as well.
j. This RV has so much storage, it’s incredible how well Earth Roamer thought this out.
93. Removable leather pads for the common sitting area.
94. Sitting area can convert to an area where two people can sleep.
95. Kitchen counter top can double in size from the sitting area back being lifted up.
96. King sized bed in the cab over area. (Actually its more like a California king, its huge!)
97. Sky light that can open, giving access to the roof.
98. Remote controlled skylight with sun screen and screen for those starry nights.
99. Large Smart television.
100. Television mounting system that will swivel in and out of main cabin area.
101. Swiveling kitchen table. Can be completely rolled out of the way.
102. Cabin to cab pass through inserts to keep the heat or cool in the cabin on those really hot or cold trips.
103. DVD Blue ray player.
104. iPod dock.
105. Bose surround sound system. Even has the subwoofer built in. Amazing.
106. 4- night lights up on main bed.
107. 3 - 120-volt outlets inside cabin area.
108. 3 – 12-volt outlets inside cabin area.
109. Stainless Steel highly efficient Refrigerator.
110. Microwave/convection oven.
111. Keurig Coffee maker.
112. Cabin finish work is second to none.

A word has to be said about the craftsmanship that goes into an ER. The best thing I can liken an Earth Roamer to is a yacht. I like to call them Land yachts. Yachts have to be built to the highest level of quality if they are to brave the elements and the rough waters the oceans of the world throw at them. Yachts have higher grade windows, paneling, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, cabinetry, plumbing, construction, mounting, engineering, etc. This is all true for an ER. If you have never been in one you need to inspect one in order to appreciate an ER. The cabinetry work is unlike any RV I have ever owned and I have owned some pretty nice RVs over the years, even brands that are considered the best, and they are still second rate when compared to the level of quality in my ER. An ER must be completely high quality. To take any RV off road and into unkind elements it had better be put together well or it will fall apart in no time flat.
The first Earth Roamer I ever owned was built in 2006. I ended up selling it with approx. 120,000 miles and it was in as good of condition as it was the day it rolled off the factory floor. Not only this but I sold it for more than I purchased it for. It’s a testament to the level of work Earth Roamer does, and once you touch and feel one you will start to see why they cost what they do. They will also retain their value. No other RV will retain its value… all the other RVs of the world all go down in value, and fast. I purchased Silvia for approx. what I’m selling her for. I know she is worth what I’m asking because an identical one is for sale at Earth Roamer right now for $360,000! They will get it. They have sold numerous 2012 models for more than I’m asking.
Extra work that has been done to this Earth Roamer
• When the stock Continental tires wore out I decided to try the same sized Good Years. They look better, in my opinion, and they ride better. They actually cost more than the Continentals. The Continentals are better for going off road, and the Good Years are better on road, but can also handle rough terrain if needed.
* I recently had Silvia completely detailed. This wasn’t just any detail. I spent $6,000 on having the paint cut and buffed, and also had a ceramic coating applied to all painted areas. This coating is incredible. It also has a warranty and will follow the Carfax of the vehicle. This coating makes the paint feel like a baby’s bum. Its seriously rather amazing and makes this rig look brand new.
• The hi-jack is on the front bumper. It looks nice and is incredibly useful. It can in no way lift the ER itself, but if you ever get a flat on a trailer or stop to help someone else its incredibly useful.
• The bullet proof drop hitch is amazing. I will send it with the ER because I won’t need it once I sell it. It can handle 25,000 lbs. Most drop hitches are only rated at 10,000 lbs, and since the ER can tow more than 10,000 lbs I needed a solution.
• Rear Platform. I had a rear platform built for Silvia. It’s nice, and can fit 3 dirt bikes on it with no problem. You can use it for whatever. It is very very heavy though and cannot be installed with one person unless you’re very strong.
• The Stock Ford Turbo and entire exhaust system have been upgraded with a high quality aftermarket turbo system. This new system has made Silvia far more reliable, powerful, and efficient. Due to my experience with Ford diesel engines I don’t have a lot of faith in the reliability of a stock Ford Exhaust system.
Not everyone has the same opinion or needs as I do. I have the whole Stock Exhaust System in storage, and If you need or want the old Stock Ford Exhaust system installed this is not a problem at all. The only issue is that it will take me about a week or so to get it installed by a Ford Dealer. However, if you choose to have the Stock Exhaust system installed, I will keep the updated system in this case, as its very costly and I have another Ford I can install this system on. I actually really like Fords, and think they are the best truck on the road except for their exhaust systems.
Please understand, the old System is perfectly fine, and runs perfect. I just wanted Silvia to be as reliable as possible. I spent over $10,000 on this new system, just as I do on any new Diesel I purchase. I also understand why some buyers wouldn’t want this newer system.
You may be surprised to hear I’ll have it installed for free, but if I were to purchase an RV for over $300,000 I would want it how I want it.

I make no warranties. This ER is an amazing rig but does have limitations. All statements above are estimates and anyone who is interested should verify all statements for themselves such as capacities of the vehicle. This RV is sold as is where is. I will accommodate how I can but once you buy it, it will be yours.

Silvia is in near perfect condition. But of course, she is 6 years old, and as such she has a few small blemishes.
1. 8-inch scratch on the cabin door. This scratch isn’t major damage, but it was bad enough that the detail couldn’t get it out.
2. Small ding on the upper part of the cabin shell, on the rear right corner. This is minor but again couldn’t be fixed with a detail.
3. The automatic awning has a small broken part. The awning still works no problem, but this part is on order, and shouldn’t be an issue at the time of a sale. A wind storm hit me one day and I wasn’t able to get to Silvia before it hit, and as a result it broke a small plastic piece. It does very little to hurt the Awnings function.

Pricing Reasoning
I completely understand that something is only worth what another is willing to pay. I had Silvia listed earlier this year. She sold, and a large deposit was even given, but the buyer never came to inspect or take delivery of her. This allowed me to reevaluate if I wanted to sell her or not. So I got to use her a bit more, and have decided to make another go at it.
My price is fair. $319,000 is a lot of money no doubt. But for an ER of this nature it’s a great deal. ER just sold a 2012 White XV-LT with the same miles on it for $335,000. Silvia is an XV-LTS, a bigger model, with more battery power, solar panels, water capacity, and she is also wider and 2 ft longer than the normal XV-LT models.
ER recently listed another 2012 Model. This one is an XV-LTS, with the exact same floor plan as Silvia. The list price is $365,000!
My list price is at $319,000 because I know that ER has sold very similar models for much more than I’m asking. I agree that when ER sells a used roamer they should and do bring a premium. ER does a major go through, and makes sure the unit they are to consign is near new. I have done a few things ER does when they sell one. Like Earth Roamer I have installed new batteries, New tires, and done a major detail and then some, of the entire RV. Some items ER would do that I haven’t, is they would likely fix the scratches, return the exhaust system to stock (Which I’ll do if requested), do a check up on the diesel appliances, and a few other systems. The cost of all this would be far less than the difference of Silvia and the similar unit they currently have for sale.
Even if you were to purchase my Silvia, and take her directly to ER to have her made like new again, you would save A LOT of money over buying directly from ER.
This is the reasoning behind my pricing.

Purchasing... If you want to purchase Silvia you can make arrangements with me to come look her over. If you would like to hold Silvia, please make contact with me at 801-706-2799 and we can make arrangements.
I will take cash, or wire transfer as payment.

Payment Details

TradesAccepted: Other RV's such as Class C Super 8s, toter homes, etc.
Accepted Payment Methods Cash
Other: Wire

Seller Notes

I own a local Utah Car dealership. I'm a verifiable seller, and if you get serious enough to want to buy it I can send you proof that I'm real, and that the Earth Roamer is real. I will not issue the VIN # over this add, I dont like to disclose this sort of info unless you're interested.

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